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Ever wanted to set up a one night stand? Well now you can do it all for free!

At you can date free – we like to think of it as the plenty of fish of casual dating. You can be as naughty or nice as you want.

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 Casual dating efforts
The big downside to offering this service for free is that you do not have other people promoting the site as you do not have the advertising revenue to get the word out. It relies on word of mouth to spread through the web because it’s a free service that’s valuable and share worthy.

You might like to think your just trying to get laid but studies have shown that more than 50% of one night stand seekers are actually open and interested in something more serious emerging from their casual dating efforts.

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 This happens all the time.

What most of us really want is that deeper connection beyond the surface physical contact. You can have an intimate one night stand full of emotion and not see the person again.

This happens all the time. It takes a certain kind of mature individual to understand what’s going on such that you don’t get attached.

Getting laid for free can happen on sites like plenty of fish by listing your status as such. But in most cases the singles on the site are looking for relationships.

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 Meet anyone. allows everyone to be open and honest about what they are looking for. Of course there are going to be singles posing as personas and avatars and that’s fine. It’s just up to you to date in a safe manner and video chat before you meet anyone.

Loveawake Dating takes no responsibility for your safety away from the site. In the most part everyone is looking to just have fun and organise offline meet-ups!

We have all been introduced or seen an ad for the biggest dating site on the web plenty of fish… But now there is a casual dating version of plenty of fish! This is a big call to make and the member volume of plenty of fish is staggering… But as each day passes and more members join the free casual dating site grows!

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 In the end
There are many versions of the paid model of casual dating – be naughty and the friend finder network dominate.

Loveawake dating offers a similar service for free!

Get laid for free! At the plenty of fish of casual dating.

No more monthly subscriptions and inability to email a member because of your site restrictions!

Upload a bunch of photos of yourself and share stories in the forum.

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